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Simple Pricing

Pricing is determined on the video length and up to 100 completed audience responses.

Volume Discounts

For large volume users, contact us for additional information.

Starting At Just $500

Receive test results in real-time.
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Standard Silver Gold Platinum
Pricing $500* Request Pricing Request Pricing Request Pricing
Multiple Users No Yes Yes Yes
Tiered Discounts 90 Days Yes Yes Yes
Stored Test Results 90 Days Yes Yes Yes

Pay as you go pricing: First minute of video is $500 up to 100 responses. Each additional minute of video is $200.

Each additional 100 responses is $500 for the first minute of video and $200 per additional minute.

Gift Cards and Panel Audience rentals costs are additional and viewable when publishing the video test.

About Yale Insights

A proprietary web+mobile tool to measure an audiences’ emotional reactions to your video content. You can then apply these insights to optimize your videos so that you can deliver a more refined message to the right audience.


Yale Insights is a self-serve software platform that empowers brands, ad agencies, lawyers, consumer insights and any market researcher to deploy on-demand focus group tests that produce true quantitative data for emotional reaction and engagement with video content in multiple billion-dollar markets.

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