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Win with Powerful Insights Using Yale Insights!

Yale Insights is a cutting-edge platform that empowers you with measurable insights to know if you should try your case for more money,

or will the analysis suggest settling the case before it goes to trial?

Using EmotionTrac technology, Yale Insights analyzes facial expressions in real-time, second-by-second, capturing true emotions simply using a front-facing camera while viewers watch any video content.










Integrated platform with a friendly dashboard to manage campaigns and reporting for each video test.

How It Works


Yale Insight Features

Contactless Audiences

Test ANYWHERE. Eliminate the cost and issues of gathering panel audiences. Our platform allows you to capture data virtually anywhere test viewers are located. All that is needed are their mobile devices and an internet connection.

Emotion Insights are 3 Minutes Away

Quick & efficient. That’s how we designed our platform. Publishing tests takes less than 3 minutes with a simple and intuitive setup process.

AI Driven Technology

Our platform leverages machine learning, propriety algorithms, and AI to accurately validate the emotions evoked from video campaigns.

A Platform That Works WITH YOU

Turn-key self-service platform that can easily be integrated into any workflow to deliver the freedom to run as many video tests as often and whenever you decide.

Seriously Cost-Effective

Quick & efficient. That’s how we designed our platform. Publishing tests takes less than 3 minutes with a simple and intuitive setup process.

Improve Trial Results and WIN!

Assess your client’s testimony in advance of the trial providing valuable insights how a demographic group may respond.

Reporting made easy with TABS:

Trust - How trustworthy does the audience find the case/witness to be.

Appeal - Does the audience find the case/individual likeable?

Believability - Does the audience believe the individual or the case?

Story - How emotionally invested is the audience to the narrative.

Reporting Delivered in Real-time

Yale Insights Report

Client Testimonials

You Are Awesome


"The research report validated my intuition about the defendant’s expert witness. The emotional data captured is unique and not possible with traditional research and focus groups. It was far less costly than what we would typically pay for gathering this intelligence. The process was so easy, and results were delivered quickly.

This is a must solution for all attorneys to use in preparing to settle with opposing counsel or evaluate potential jury reactions in pre-trial research."

Nicole Kruegel, Attorney


"I have been a criminal defense lawyer for 20 years and I can't believe the instant results that I got that are going to help me win my case. In my case, I use the video of a complaining witness to test the credibility on potential jurors, and I was floored when I got the results back. Now it's given me everything that I need to move forward with this case to attack this witness's credibility and to develop a juror profile. Definitely check this out!"

Patrick Megaro ESQ, Partner - Halscott Megaro PA


"Focus groups have been part of my tool case throughout my career while preparing my cases for trials. In the past, coordinating focus groups have been costly and time consuming. But no more! We just completed our first order with Yale Insights and were blown away by the data that was delivered.
Considering their level of service, the ease of use and extremely economical costs to gather the market research convinced us that we will be using this software for our big cases and small ones alike."

Nicholas P. Panagakis, Attorney - Partner – Morgan & Morgan


Need help preparing a video for your case?

We can help you compile your case materials into a final edited video which would then be delivered to a panel audience for testing.

Request access to send us your files
Drop the files into the folder
Provide the chronological order of how the files should be displayed

Need a panel to test your case with?

Select your audience at time of running your test.


We recruit audiences to fill any of your demographic needs. Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Location and more.

About our Panel Audience:

Yale Insights has developed a proprietary method of recruiting and screening members for the panel audiences. This ensures that our panel are real people and are identified in their respected demographic groups. Before an audience participates in the video tests, they agree to confidentiality and non-disclosure. To learn more, visit

Have your own list? If you have your own list that you’d like to use for your video test, you can easily upload that audience list while publishing your order.

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Yale Insights is a self-serve software platform that empowers brands, ad agencies, lawyers, consumer insights and any market researcher to deploy on-demand focus group tests that produce true quantitative data for emotional reaction and engagement with video content in multiple billion-dollar markets.

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